Friday Evening , July 26TH @ 4:00 P.M.

1401 Clayton Ave.

Sunrise Center- Newton, IL 62448

Directions: Go south on Rt. 130 to 1401 Clayton Avenue, Sunrise Center (Jasper County Community Center) Only 23 Miles From Effingham and 19 Miles North of Olney on Rt. 130. Or navigate (scan) the QR code below!

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75+ Pieces of Furniture

(Country, Primitive, Painted, Original Finish, Industrial)

Walnut Jelly Cupboard ♦ Early Youth Size Dry Sink, Original Finish w/2 Small Drawers ♦ 1800’s Oak Breakfront Cupboard Under Original Finish (Good Dry Look) ♦ 6 Drawer Wood Spice Wall Cabinet ♦ Primitive 6 Drawer Spice Cabinet ♦ 1800’s One Room School House Wood Desk w/Chair ♦ 1800’s Sq Nail Walnut Step Back Cupboard w/Doors ♦ Primitive 2 Board Top Harvest Table ♦ 1800’s Sq nail Crock Cupboard ♦ 1800’s Dovetailed Blanket Chest w/Cut Out Base Trim ♦ 1800’s Sq Nailed Stepback Pewter Cupboard ♦ Primitive Walnut 2 Board Back Jelly Cupboard w/2 Drawers, Cut Out Sides (Good Dry Look) ♦ Set of 6 Country Tavern Chairs ♦ 4 Drawer Mustard Painted Cupboard ♦ 1800’s 6 Tin Pie Safe w/2 Drawers, Dbl Boot Jack, Side Cuts and Old Blue Paint ♦ Primitive Black Painted Cupboard w/Candle Shelves ♦ 1800’s 6 Ft Refinished Punched Tin Pie Safe w/Bottom Drawer (Very Nice) ♦ Early Cane Bottom / Back Rocking Chair w/Foot Stool ♦ Oak 5 Leg Country Table ♦ Cane Bottom Bar Stools ♦ Country Raised Panel Doors Cabinet w/Knock Down Top, “7 Ft Tall” ♦ King Size Finial Top Shaker Poster Bed w/Black Paint ♦ Queen Size Cherry Poster Bed ♦ Primitive Bucket Bench ♦ Country Pine Raised Panel Door Kitchen Cupboard w/5 Spice Drawers ♦ Wing Back Chair ♦ 1800’s Primitive Dove Tail Blanket Chest, Grain Painted, Country Plaid Upholstery Love Seat w/High Back (Johnson Benchworks) Pencil Point Leg Country Table ♦ Early Ladies Secretary w/Pigeon Holes & Drawer ♦ WOW! Mustard Painted Dry Sink w/4 Drawer Shelf Back Top ♦ Wrought Iron Ice Cream Table & Chairs ♦ 1800’s 2 Drawer Cherry Work Table ♦ 3 Ft Sq Butcher Block w/Turned Legs ♦ Primitive Side Table w/Shelf ♦ Woven Hickory Rocking Chair ♦ WOW! Very Nice 1940’s Wooden Electric Washing Machine w/Wringer, Original Finish, Stenciling & Tags (Looks Like Used Very Little) ♦ Granite Tub Wringer Washing Machine w/Kick Start Engine ♦ Early Painted Jelly Cupboards ♦ Early Painted Crock Cupboards ♦ Will be Adding Another 15-20 Cupboards that I Still Have to go get pictures of....

Country Store, 20+ Coffee Mill Collection, Tobacco Cutters & Adv Tins

Small Dbl Flywheel Landers Coffee Mill ♦ #5 Enterprise Black Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill ♦ #46 Original Elgin Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill ♦ #4 Restored Enterprise Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill w/Metal Top ♦ WOW! Round Flour Model Wood & Cast Iron Country Store Display Rack for Canes or Brooms ♦ Blue Edgeworth Tobacco Tins ♦ Red Union Leader Plug Tin ♦ Orange Patterson Tobacco Tin ♦ #5 Refinished Enterprise Dbl Flywheel Coffeed Mill (Thin Wheels) ♦ WOW! Store Model Wood Washing Machine ♦ Industrial Standard Electric Coffee Mill w/Top Bin & Bottom Canister (Runs) ♦ Yellow Painted Acme Wall Coffee Mill ♦ Black Universal Wall Coffee Grinder ♦ Country Store 3 Ft Wood Hanging Sack Holder ♦ Refinished Lg Crecent Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill ♦ #15 Blue Simmons Koffee Krusher Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill (Refinished) ♦ #40 Elgin Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill Red (Refinished) ♦ Original #44 Red Elgin Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill ♦ 1-Wheel Fefinished Swift Coffee Grinder ♦ Original Star Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill (Red) ♦ WOW! Must See! Refinished Swift Stove Top Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill (Black) ♦ 4 -Campbell Yellow Coffee Tins w/Wire Handles ♦ Tall Glass Coffee Jar ♦ Small Coffee & Tea Jars ♦ Refinished Red National Specialty Dbl Flywheel Coffee Mill ♦ Wood Meat Slicer ♦ Red Tiger Tobacco Tin ♦ George Washington Plug Tin ♦ Winchester Cigarette Tin ♦ Half & Half Tobacco Tin ♦ Dexter Wood Cigar Cutter ♦ Chrome Metal Country Gentleman Cigar Cutter ♦ Plain Metal Plug Cutter w/Gears ♦ German Tobacco Shredder ♦ Oak Country Store Vicks Lift Top Seed Cabinet ♦ WOW! Must See! Country Store Northrup King & Co Seeds, Wooden Seed Display Rack that Folds Up into A Carrying Case. Displays 42 Seed bag Slots & Has 7 Seed Jars on Bottom. Stands 6 Ft Tall when Set Up ♦ Chest Type 7 UP Cooler w/o Cooling Unit ♦ More...

Antiques, Primitives, Stoneware

Wooden Dbl Tub Stand w/Wringer & Stenciling ♦ Wood Croquet Set ♦ Primitive Wall Picture Frame Shelf w/Drawer ♦ Wood Pane Windows ♦ CI Bench Ends ♦ Tin Duck Decoy ♦ Hickory Band Potato Barrel ♦ Primitive Wood Box w/Lid ♦ Wood Remington Ammo Box ♦ Hand Carved Eagle Walking Stick ♦ Lg Wood & Wire Plate Rack ♦ Small Firkin w/Old Red Paint ♦ Lg Wood Sugar Bucket ♦ Brown Painted Firkin ♦ Revolving CI Cobblers Tray ♦ Cobblers Iron Shoe Stand w/4 Iron Shoes ♦ Painted Cobblers Shoe Box ♦ Metal String Holder w/String ♦ Parade Torches ( One w/3 Wick Burner) ♦ Red Clipper Wood Tote ♦ Small Primitive Wood Benches ♦ Child’s Buch Saw & stand ♦ 5 Gal Red Wing Storage Crock w/Wire/Wood Bale Handle ♦ Univeral Wood Fruit Crusher w/Great Stenciling ♦ Unusual Lg Hand Crank Dbl Roller Grape Crusher ♦ Good Collection of Ohio Art Sand Buckets, Shovels, Sprinkler Cans ♦ Egg Beater w/Glass Jar ♦ Industrial Metal Donut Filling Machine ♦ Lg Copper Funnel ♦ W.A. Tyzack Hay Knife ♦ Upholsters Hammer ♦ Blacksmith Made Long Handle Bladed Tool ♦ Hand Forged Iron Chisel Hammer ♦ 2 Country Store Boxes Celluloid Collars ♦ Wood Barn Pulleys ♦ Primitive Wood Rolling Pins ♦ Gilbert Erector Set ♦ Fort Apache Play Set w/Orig Box ♦ Enterpirse Molassis Meter ♦ Enterprise Fruit Press ♦ Daisy Butter Churn ♦ Child’s Wood Rake ♦ 2 Gal Star Crock ♦ Wood Rolling Pins ♦ Small Wood Chest ♦ Painted Chest ♦ Wood Pitch Fork ♦ Old Door ♦ Barn Lantern ♦ Steel Wheels ♦ Wash Boards ♦ Pircher Pump ♦ Red Painted Bench ♦ Tin Sheep ♦ CI Stars ♦ Wood Welcome Sign ♦ Fork Art Pictures ♦ Country Signs & Decor ♦ Warren Kimble Folk Art Print ♦ Galv. & Wood Buckets ♦ Painted Stools ♦ Wood Shutters ♦ Canlde Molds ♦ Egg Basket ♦ Feed Scoops ♦ Wall Hanging Quilt Racks ♦ Primitive Wood Bowls ♦ Woven Throws ♦ Wooden Bowl Rack ♦ 5x7 Braided Area Rug ♦ 9’-6” x 7’-6” Safavoel Wool Rug ♦ Primitive Bird Houses ♦ Much More...

Lg Collection Standard Oil Adv, Country Store Adv. 300+ Vtg Road Maps

Packard Thermometer ♦ Allen Orange Wood Kerosene Crate w/Tin (Great Color & Stenciling) ♦ Orange Yang-Hyson Tin ♦ Porcelain Pepsi Sign (Repo) ♦ Porcelain Popsicle Sign (Repo) ♦ Orange Crush Displenser ♦ Schepps Tin Cake Box ♦ Framed Winchester Adv ♦ Butter Cracker Tin ♦ Famous Cake Box Tin ♦ Round Wafer Tin ♦ Rosy Peach Box ♦ NOS Corn Meal Bags ♦ Round Candy Tin w/ Blue Paint ♦ Green Tea Tin & 12” Tall ♦ Kellegg Linseed Oil Tin ♦ 300+ Adv Road Maps (1920’s through 1970’s, Standard Oil, Pan Am, Amaco, Utoco, American, DX, Many More) ♦ Amaco Bank Truck ♦ Standard Red Crown Bank Truck ♦ Key Chains, Belt Buckles, More ♦ Several Amaco Pen Sets in Cases ♦ Amaco Victornix Knife/Pen Set in Case ♦ Standard Oil/Amaco Pen Set ♦ Amoco Watches ♦ Amoco Ring Our Bell Key Chains ♦ BP Pocket Watch New w/Case ♦ Standard Oil Books, VHS, DVD ♦ Standard Oil Building Ivory Monument ♦ Polarine Oil 2.5 Gal Can ♦ 1940’s 5 Gal ISO-VIS Motor Oil Cans ♦ Petroleum Products Displays w/Samples ♦ Standard Oil Wood Box ♦ Mica Axle Grease Bucket ♦ Standard Oil Checker Box Game ♦ Wire Ringed Lubricating Guide ♦ 1952 Passanger Care Date ♦ Farme News Magazines ♦ Standard Oil Christmas Candies ♦ Standard Oil Pump Desk Top ♦ Amoco Tanker Trucks (NIB) Nylint Metal Toy Wrecker ♦ Lead Free Amoco Gas Pump Transistor Radio ♦ Amoco 100th Anv Model T Bank Truck ♦ Amaco Vintage Airplane Bank ♦ 50’s Gas Pump Coin Bank ♦ American Oil Cardboard Credit Card Display ♦ Standard Oil 5 Gal Measure Can ♦ Several Adv Oil Cans (Amojell, Pan Am Household, Finol, LF-540, Mica Axle Grease, Perma-Flo, Atlas, Anti-Rust, Electric Motoroil, Top-C-Lube, More) ♦ Atlas Rerma-Guard Thermometer ♦ Stanogas LP Thermometer ♦ Standard Fuel Oil Thermometer Standard Home Heating Oil Thermometer ♦ American Heating Oil Thermometer ♦ Eureka Harness Oil Tin ♦ Semdac Liquid Glass Jar ♦ Superia Insect Spray Tin & Cream Separator Tin ♦ Outboard Motor Oil Tin ♦ Stock & Garden Adv Tins ♦ Super Anti-Freeze Can ♦ Amojell Amber Can ♦ Stanolind Liquid Paraffin Can ♦ Final 1001 Uses Can ♦ Polarine Transmission Grease Can ♦ Standard Oil Ind Oil 5 Gal Can ♦ Rit Dye Box ♦ Artist Orig. Standard Oil Pumps Sign Painting ♦ Lakeside Talking Machine Needles Tin ♦ 18” x 22” Embroidered Sampler (By Wisdom A. Hense) ♦ WOW! Double Sided 3 ft. by 3 ft Hampshires Sign More Meat For More Profit, Highland Farms ♦ Pig Weather Vane ♦ Much More...

Horse Drawn Carriage, Horse Drawn Amish Buggy, Horse Plows, Horse Drawn Cultivator

Nice 2 Seat Horse Drawn Surry w/Hydr. Brakes (Out of St Louis, Collection) ♦ 2 Seat Enclosed Amish Buggy (Out of St Louis Collection) ♦ Walking Plows ♦ Horse Drawn Sulky Plow ♦ Horse Drawn One Row Cultivator ♦ More...

Auctioneers Note: Great Country & Primitive Auction Will start outside on a line of antiques, horse drawn eq. & carriages, then move inside for a GREAT sit down auction !!!




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